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We began in November 2017

We spent several months searching for the right piece of land.

“Dreams are our only geography — our native land.”― Dejan Stojanovic

And like the quote above, it felt like a strange dream to be in Bali, looking to transform dirt and weeds into an ambitious retreat.

Secondly, being an expat means not really having the same land rights as Indonesians. Nevertheless it is possible to buy freehold land and sorta kinda make it your own. So like many expats before me I took a leap:

An expat from Russia was selling three lots in Pererenan and I bought Lot 1.

I had it surveyed with a private surveyor. We would still need a government survey but since that would take a couple of months — and since the surveyor would put stakes in the ground and run string lines it was worth it to have an unofficial survey.

Private land survey


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