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A Private Road

From the previous post you can see that, due to its location at the rear of the seller’s property, an access road would have to built.

It’s exciting to have a private road, but I did have to cough up some extra $ to get it. Initially the seller designated a road that was 2.5 meters in width. Many roads here in Bali are narrow and I didn’t argue for more because even 2.5 meters wide by 35-40 meters in length is a significant amount of land to give up. Of course there’s no way to sell the land without access, and so the seller had to resign herself to that fact.

Only later, when discussing the land with my notary, I was informed that I need a 4 meter-wide road because of new regulations. So I had to pay for 1.5 meters X 35 meters in order to make the deal work.

That being said the first order of business is to try and ascertain what exactly I was buying and where are the boundaries.

First — rent a drone:

Above: the seller’s villa is on the left. The main road is in the lower, left-hand corner. The green arrows are in-accurate but they roughly represent the location of the property. The access road will be built on the right-hand side and most of the property is the open patch of greenery in the rear.

Above: view from the rear of the property. The bottom of the big arrow points to a bamboo fence boundary line. The upper arrow points to the main road.

So now we have a view of what the land looks like from above. One key question remains: will we be able to see the ocean?

The location is 1/2 a mile or 800 meters from the Indian Ocean. It would be awesome to at least see a glimpse.

Drone view 5

Above: a happy drone view of the ocean, but we’re not building a skyscraper…

Drone view 4

Drone view 3

Above: the drone is four meters above the road and the road is about 2.5 meters above the property. So we need to build something taller than 6.5 meters or 21 feet.

Even if we come in at 10 meters or 33 feet we will only have a modest view of the ocean.

However, I’m hopeful that with the neighbor’s trees trimmed and the rooftop bar completed, the sunset views and breezes will be pleasant enough.


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