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Arkana for Ohana

We found Arkana Architects on the internet and immediately liked them. They provide a concept pitch for free, and then if you like it you hire them.

I emailed a few other local architects but I just sensed that Arkana was the one. In general the more established you are as an architectural firm the less you want to provide architectural ideas on a speculative basis. Arkana is young and talented and hungry. If anything their appetite is a bit too insatiable. But I’m an old guy and telling young, excited architects to chill-out and smell the roses doesn’t go over well.

A few items from their pitch deck:

Not only is the look more modern and elegant, there’s more land available by combining the three units into one structure.

If you noticed, the road goes to the very end of the property and in addition there’s two parking spaces. After a few sessions together one architect of the Arkana team (you get more than one but each architect works on several projects simultaneously) recommended that the driveway dive under 1/4 of the building. By doing so you can remove the road and the two parking spaces. Cars or scooters go under the building, back out a bit and then head towards the main road without disrupting precious land area.

A side benefit (but a big one) is that the structure will be taller and the chance of a better view of the Indian Ocean — improved!

It will cost more to have an open “basement” and also will create a drainage problem, so a pump will be needed to move water away during the rainy season.

Below is a recent drawing of what the property will look like:

We now have room for a small cafe next to the pool. Hungry? Please swing by (when we’re open).

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