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Building the Private Access Road

Even though the final ownership document was not even close to being done, we decided to go ahead with the road. Having to fight the brush and mosquitos each time we wanted to show people the property didn’t sound like fun.

I could have purchased a machete or hired a local to clear a path. But we trusted the seller and of course put a deposit down, so the risk was limited.

First step: clear the brush:

Hmmm this doesn’t look so good:

One of the benefits of tackling the road early was that we uncovered a potential problem.

In this case we were lucky enough to discover that our neighbor, Fare Ti’I Villas, was responsive and hired a crew to replace the tilting wall section.


We had the support walls for a concrete bridge re-built so that it can handle trucks and trucks of limestone.

It was amazing how quickly the crew turned a section of overgrown weeds into a very nice road.

Even the new wall section seemed to happen overnight:

And then, it was done.

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