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Meeting Agung from the Pererenan Banjar

The team leader of the road crew that built our access road was helpful in setting up a meeting with the local Banjar. As mentioned previously the Banjar is the community group that runs things at the local level. They do everything from decorate the roads and manage events during ceremonial days to collecting $ from vehicles parking at the local beach. There’s a LOT that the Banjar does but I cannot explain nor understand the details.

The key fact is that I need to make sure that the Banjar is happy with the way construction goes. They also require a few Balinese details on the roof and the entry gate.

Meeting Agung from the Pererenan Banjar, Ohana Retreat Bali

Made (on the left — in charge of building the access road), Agung (from the Pererenan Banjar) and Shelly

The good news is that I am able to prepare the land and set the foundation NOW. I just can’t build any walls until the paperwork and “donations” are completed.

The foundation needs to meet the proper setbacks from the property borders (two meters). And since the border pins are still not in the ground, even though the government surveyors completed their on-site survey 22 days ago, I am left with hoping and waiting and hoping some more that they complete the process SOON.

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