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The excitement of boundary pins

You might be saying to yourself, “Yes! Please tell me all about the time when the government surveyors came to mark your land for boundary pins! Please!!!”

Ok ok, I know it’s thrilling. The drama of getting four red marks at the corners of the property was filled with nail-biting excitement!

The excitement of boundary pins 1

Above: one boundary point, ready to receive one of the four concrete pins eagerly resting on the ground (see below photo):

The excitement of boundary pins 2

Three more painted spots are now at the other three corners. I know, the hysteria is almost palpable. Wow!

The excitement of boundary pins 3

Above: sharing precious moments with the two government surveyors (one is holding papers).

I’m joking around but in reality the wait for this day was, unfortunately, months (instead of weeks) in the making. The land was initially 26 are (one USA acre is 40.4 are) and was being divided into two pieces at the time of my purchase. After at least a month my notary received the new land certificate, but there was a sentence missing, regarding the land’s use. So back it went to the government. Then, since my land is one of three parcels in the newly divided land, we need a survey. About six weeks ago the government came out to measure, and today they are back to place the final boundary markers. The government had to match their previous on-site measurements with satellite and government info before they finalized the proper placement of the boundary corners.

Now, by setting pins into the ground (next week?), lines can be drawn from pin to pin. Then the digging and wall building can begin.

Onward baby!

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