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Property boundary pins in the ground (finally!)

Thanks to:

– two realtors

– two Indonesian nominees

– two notaries

– a government land survey department

– the BPN office – Badan Pertanahan National (Ministry of Agrarian And Spatial / National Land Agency)

– a road building crew

– Shelly, and more

Property boundary pins in the ground (finally!), Ohana Retreat Bali

Property boundary pins in the ground (finally!), Ohana Retreat Bali

Above: two of the four pins

Having placed a deposit on the land back in December 2017, it’s been a very long road just to get to this point. A big part of the problem was buying land that was in the middle of being divided. Twice!

First the owner was dividing the land into two parts: her villa and a parcel of land. That’s when I joined in the mix.

When the new land certificate arrived, one important sentence regarding tourist zoning was missing. So that resulted in an additional delay.

Then the land needed to be divided again so that I can get approximately 1/3 of it. That’s when the government land surveyors came into play — again.

At the moment, a final signature from the previous Indonesian nominee will be signed tomorrow. Then the land will be ours. In a sense the land has already been ours, since the seller (a foreigner), at the time of the deposit, signed away her rights. But the Indonesian signature makes it official, as land transfers can only take place between Indonesians.

The lesson from all this — if you are in a hurry, buy land with a land certificate that has been finalized.

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