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Week #03 – Boundary walls rising high, workers settled in

This week the property began to have vertical dimensions, as some of the walls were constructed to their full height.

It might be hard to visualize in the following video, but the entire property will require at least four feet of fill (perhaps a combination of dirt and limestone). So while the walls currently look ridiculously high, they will seem normal once the fill is in place.

I could have made the walls about 1.5 feet shorter but I want to avoid as much road noise as possible from entering the property, and concrete block walls do a pretty good job at reflecting unwanted sounds.

It’s been interesting to work with the on-site crew. I mostly do hand-waiving in the form of thumbs-up etc due to the language barrier, but Shelly & I did provide them with some home cooked food, an extension cord and a mosquito repellent device. So far everyone seems happy:

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