Construction News Preliminary Work

Digging deep for structural support

Because the building is approximately twelve meters tall (over 39 feet), we had to dig down to really hard ground in order to set the support columns. At four key locations we’ll have four rebar-enforced concrete columns right next to each other (see below):

Digging deep for structural support 1

At other locations the columns will be grouped into sets of two columns per support.

Digging deep for structural support 2

Digging deep for structural support 3

This is muddy and difficult work. And because these are old rice fields, the soil is soft for a depth of at least three meters. Water rises up out of the holes being dug, the digging blade needs to be cleaned of hardened mud regularly, the hose gets clogged with mud and needs to be whacked with a stick, the machine itself gets pushed from location to location on bamboo shafts…

This is specialized work for a hardened few.

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