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Pererenan Beach development project

We heard through the grapevine that some exciting developments we’re going to take place at our beach, and now the work has begun.

First we heard that a bridge would be built that would connect Pererenan Beach with Echo Beach across this waterway:

Pererenan Beach development project 1

Above: Echo Beach in the distance.

And here is the promotional video showing how the two beaches will connect:

This map shows the connection between the beaches as well as the new walkways:

Pererenan Beach development project 2

Above: Pererenan Beach on the left, a walkway to the bridge (and past the bridge), a pier, and another walkway at Echo Beach along with a beach club.

Yesterday I took a few photos of the current efforts at Pererenan Beach:

Pererenan Beach development project 3

Pererenan Beach development project 4

The final piece of news is that the folks behind the Potato Head Beach Club just recently applied for five business licenses. (They apparently owned land at Pererenan Beach for ten years.)

As a retreat developer I am excited by this news. I did buy the land with only rumors of future beach development, and I’d be ok with keeping everything the way it is. But bringing an organization like Potato Head here is inspirational, as there are few developers who know how to make a place iconic.

I only hope that my humble retreat will be a nice fit with the future of this lovely area.

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My name is Esther Poppe and i’m from the Nederlands.
Next year augustus 2020 we want to stay near pererenan for the holliday.
My question to you is: is the developmemt ready?
Or are there still machines at work to built at and near the beach?

With regards
Esther Poppe

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