Construction News Preliminary Work

Week #13

Not every week is dramatic visually. Sometimes the preparations seemingly slow down construction, but in reality the project still moves along in a timely manner.

This week the framing of the first floor (above the basement) of the residential side of the structure was laid out.

First the base of the support beams gets nailed from column to column. Then vertical stands bamboo are placed under the base of the beams, to withstand the upcoming weight of the concrete. Then wooden slats are laid from beam to beam, also supported by bamboo. Plywood is placed on the wooden slats and nailed into place, with space allowances for the cross beams (see photo). Finally two sets of wire mesh will be placed into the poured concrete that will become the first floor. A finished concrete coat will be applied right before we move in.

It’s an involved process to set up concrete flooring. It has been a mystery to me, with stands of bamboo seemingly in random places and the idea that eventually the concrete will harden and the bamboo removed.

But now I understand each step and of course there’s nothing random about it.

In addition the shallow pool extention was built. Two chaise lounge chairs will be placed in the shallow section, for relaxing pool use and also as a play area for little kids.

Finally, a large hole was started for two future septic tanks.

We were told that we should be able to move in by December, which would allow us to open to the public by Valentine’s Day. Hopefully!

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