Construction News Preliminary Work

Week #14

This week we were able to get most of the forms and beams in place to pour the first floor of the residential side of the building. In addition, all of the columns for the first floor of the guest side of the building have been set in concrete.

We also set two 70 centimeter concrete platforms for planter boxes directly above the basement and will have two more levels of planter boxes as we go vertical (between floor one and two, as well as the rooftop).

Off the rear of the building we set a platform for a concrete landing for steps that will lead to a rear corridor. From there guests can climb to two bedrooms and bathrooms above our living area or continue to the rooftop bar.

Week #14, Ohana Retreat Bali

(The red arrow shows the concrete platform that will lead guests to a rear corridor.)

We also set two septic tanks in place but had to lift one back up 15 centimeters in order to create a gravity feed from the tanks to the rear waterway that feeds off of rice field overflows.

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