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Week #37 — A few setbacks & delays yet progress too

The rainy season has not been a major factor (yet) in finishing up this project. However we had a couple of major downpours and I guess you can say we were lucky to find leaks! Lucky? Well if you think about it, its always best to find leaks before you move the furniture in and get all comfy.

Unfinished stairway to the rooftop bar

We had to replace an electrical panel that was sitting too close to a rain-exposed wall. And we had a false alarm about a leak under the master bathtub. The plumber had to chop away at the fresh terrazzo and remove a granite tile only to find that the leak was coming from another location. Ah, the wonders of construction.

Our hope is to move in to our private residence by March 1st. Wish us luck lol

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