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Your hosts have arrived

As the Balinese New Year (Nyepi) approaches we were able to move our things from our rental unit and make our new home moderately livable before the entire island shuts down.

During 24 hours — after two days of purification ceremonies as well as one evening of scaring the demons away (Ogoh-Ogoh), the airport closes, all businesses and organizations (except for hospitals and certain government agencies) close their doors, and individuals across the island are required to stay in their homes and remain silent (in order to trick the evil spirits). Internet and phone systems are off, and even electric lights are voluntarily turned off.

An Ogoh-ogoh from Pererenan
Melasti is the name of the purification ceremonies that are conducted by the sea.
Many villages make the trek by foot, carrying ceremonial structures.

With roads sometimes backed up and traffic at a standstill we were still able to move most of our belongings.

It seems remarkable that having started this process of building a retreat in November 2017, we actually slept in our new bedroom — finally.

A comfy cozy spot

Soon we will prepare your room!

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