Week #39 — Your hosts are settling in and working on your rooms

It was a chaotic week but we finally established ourselves at Ohana Retreat Bali. This is good news for you too as we can finish up all of the rooms, add landscaping, and do whatever it takes to open our doors to the public. You!

Maria, our mural artist almost needs an oxygen mask lol. Our loft rooms are tall!

We are getting more and more casual with our builder and his key staff. A few days ago we invited Kadek and his family to the beach:

Showering off the sand

We also said goodbye to the Java crew before they left during Nyepi. They bring their chickens and chicks with them because they don’t want them to starve:

A bit of plastic pipe and bamboo for the ride to Java

And our rooftop bar is shaping up. The bar itself is designed but there is work to do on the rooms first. Don’t worry you will be able to have a breezy beverage and see the sunset over the Indian Ocean soon enough:

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