Week #40 — Busiest week yet

There is a lot of momentum to get our retreat finished, but it may not be done until the end of April. I was hoping for an earlier open but I am guilty for creating two new projects:

A koi pond

A little pond is being built next to the shallow section of the swimming pool for the children in all of us. I’ve also added a massage room:

The massage room will be a lot more soothing than it currently looks lol

In addition the rooftop bar is in the process of getting the bar built:

Care for a beer and a breezy sunset? Soon!

And to top off the week we were able to install WiFi for all of the rooms via a kickass Ubiquity networks gadget:

Yes we are a retreat but we wont take your phones away from you

We also had consulting meetings with a hydroponic specialist, a landscaper, and a pond “decorator” (I don’t know the technical term for someone who makes a built pond look like it was always in nature).


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