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Week #46 — The rooftop bar opens! (Temporarily)

We did our best to clear away the dust in order to host 25 friends for my birthday party on our rooftop bar. It was so much fun to finally have some drinks and appetizers instead of dealing with the construction process.

Week #46 -- The rooftop bar opens! (Temporarily) 3
A few people arrive early

To hold an actual drink (a screwdriver of course) instead of a tape measure was almost surreal, after more than a year to get this place purchased and built.

Week #46 -- The rooftop bar opens! (Temporarily) 5

As the evening progressed a gentle breeze kept the atmosphere cool. The dream became a reality.

Week #46 -- The rooftop bar opens! (Temporarily) 7
Enjoying the moment

One reply on “Week #46 — The rooftop bar opens! (Temporarily)”

Happy Belated Birthday Neill

You will soon be ready to reap the rewards of many months of labor.

Well done, Helen

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