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Week #47 — Final stretch Part 1

We said goodbye to the last of the workers who have made their temporary home with us. First they slept under tarps when there wasn’t a structure in place. Then they slept in empty concrete rooms, most of the time on thrown-together wooden beds without mattresses. They first came from the hill country of Bali. People without land for themselves to grow rice or produce for the markets. Then the finishing workers came from Java, also poor and landless.

The final bags of cement for plastering the cafe walls and floor

Then the furniture workers brought the final pieces of our extensive order:

Looking a bit like abstract art, they are wardrobe units that fit under the loft staircases. There are 4 of these — 1 for each loft unit.

The final stretch includes our warung / cafe, a massage room and a rooftop arbor for shading and cooling the flat concrete surface.

Soon to be our cafe / warung

So if you’ve gotten this far now you can be the first to learn that we’ll be open on June 1st!

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