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A Covered Arbor Begins

All arbors begin uncovered. It’s a game of extreme patience. How can you have a covered arbor when the plants you start out with are as high as your knees? The answer is simple — wait it out.

A Covered Arbor Begins 2
Sizing up the structure

Since ours will be a roof arbor, we must bring planter boxes and soil about 13 meters from the ground. And we need about 30 concrete planter boxes.

What are the benefits?

  • The concrete roof will be cooled by the shade from the plants
  • We will grow grapes and passion fruit that will also be harvested
  • We will also grow roses in case a couple wants to get married 🙂
  • Yoga classes / exercise workshops will be shaded
  • A water misting system will also keep event participants cool
  • Two loft rooms below the roof will require less air conditioning once the plants throw off sufficient shade
  • Evening lights will offer an alternative setting from the rooftop bar
A Covered Arbor Begins 3
Doesn’t look like much yet but stay tuned and please be patient

Come check it out (in a few months). Or sooner.

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