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A very special testimonial

We have a new friend at Ohana Retreat Bali, named Indiana, who is here with her lovely family. She and her family are traveling around the world for 1 year, and currently they’re in their 11th month.

When we named our place Ohana we borrowed the name from the native Hawaiians. It means extended family, and we feel we achieved that with Indiana and her family. Most of the credit is due to our mini Pomeranian Twinky, who Indiana fell for in a big way:

And here’s the family:

And here’s what Indiana left us while we were away:

You are very kind people. Everything you make is wonderful. Indiana

(Small note) from Indiana. Lotus flower. It came off

The glass holds some lotus flower petals that fell to the ground. Indiana recycled them into the glass, along with another flower, as part of her gift to us.

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