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“First time I was able to relax since I had the twins four years ago”

A lovely family from Australia (originally from England) extended their 6 night original booking, adding 4 more nights. They were even willing to incur a 1 night charge at the Sanur hotel they had booked, in order to stay with us.

Blog update: After adding four more nights, they extended their stay a second time. They stayed for a total of 22 days!

Breakfast in our cafe

It is very rewarding to be told by a guest that he is canceling his next accommodation in order to continue staying with us.

Their children (4 year-old twins) are extremely social and so they’re always coming in to our apartment and mingling. One time I gave each child a small scooter ride (the parents don’t ride motorbikes) and they were _very_ impressed.

Helping to wash the scooters was also a big deal
Please note: the serious business of applying soap

2 replies on ““First time I was able to relax since I had the twins four years ago””

During two months,(January and February) I was there and it was great ! cute decoration, big pool, nice landscape and most of all, the kindness of Niel and of his wife.
Thank you Niel and hope to come back very soon.

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