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I turned my head & 4 cafes opened

Here in lovely Pererenan, we are still a quiet little neighborhood. But that is changing as the entrepreneurs continue to put their stakes in the ground.

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Cactus Cafe

Cactus Cafe serves healthy breakfasts and lunch. They have a cute little outdoor spot for the espresso lovers.

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Bali Bowls

Also a health food hangout, Bali Bowls offers the granola and smoothie crowd many options.

img 20190813 1225467336584773887245099
Remix Juice

Homemade juices in bottles, ready for your beach picnic.

img 20190813 1256533053508960126472688
Honey Cafe

The closest of the above cafes to our place is Honey. Both a cute bar and a clean and pretty cafe, Honey has a warm and friendly feel and the food is good too!

I should also mention two more new places:

  • 1) The Shop and Juice Bar, which in addition to serving coffee and gelato, serves good Balinese-style food (they have a small shop too).
  • 2) The new Monsieur Spoon. Mostly a bakery, they make the best croissants and brioche bread in Bali.

One reply on “I turned my head & 4 cafes opened”

Honey Cafe was nearly complete during our visit. Looks nice! Cactus Cafe staff are really nice and friendly, and their food was delicious. We’d recommend it.

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