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The Cacao Beans of Bali

The Primo Chocolate Factory (from Bean to Bar) is a small, artisan operation that has at its helm a colorful and entertaining Italian man named Pepe:

img 20190815 1301216897932149119621508
Pepe on the right with a cacao farmer

His lovely wife has a bakery at the rear of the property and you will most likely be invited to sample her breads / breadsticks:

img 20190815 093841517488373490369904
Each item is handmade

Pepe is as old school as they come, and that means the quality is the highest. For Pepe it is a matter of principle that one makes chocolate for the ultimate pleasure of not only eating, but as you would a fine wine — smelling, tasting and lingering. Popping a piece of Pepe’s chocolate and quickly chewing it down would be sinful in Pepe’s book.

img 20190815 1426076015576488030430095
For 80 hours the grinding wheels turn to make chocolate as smooth as butter

Pepe himself takes you on a tour of the forest lands that are home to the cacao trees. It’s a good 1.5 hours each way but Pepe will pepper you with stories of his 25+ years in Bali.

img 20190815 1233043625199981426584839
Where the cacao trees grow

The cacao pod itself, when the time is right, offers a creamy coating to the bean. And it is quite good, although it takes nothing like chocolate.

img 20190815 1237448609955050344602988
A thick fleshy coating for each bean.

After harvesting the pods the fleshy beans are fermented for several days in order to extract natural sugars and other goodies to the beans:

img 20190815 1243171074692161207301747
Perhaps not a beautiful sight but a necessary part of the process

After the tour is complete, we return to the factory:

img 20190815 0945396266667657680675439
The magic is hidden on purpose

where we see the details of turning the beans into magnificent chocolate:

img 20190815 1437101899822504616238267
Getting down to the nibs

In the end we get to sample the results of a slow, classic method of creating a highly refined product.

For more information contact us or go directly to Primo Bali.

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