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Two years ago we found the perfect place near a beach

On the left, raw land of 5.5 are. On the right, the same land transformed into Ohana Retreat Bali

The Canggu area is lovely, but as you may already know, its getting crowded. Development in Bali is a tricky business, a slow tsunami that can overwhelm the locals if they’re not careful.

Not far from Canggu there’s a small wave of new venues, as well as a few big ones opening up. Yet overall the neighborhood is sleepy compare to Canggu. Which is the way we like it. Uncrowded beaches, casual restaurants with a hang-out vibe, friendly local Balinese folks who go about their lives unencumbered by first-world stress. It’s all here, a little gem with a large name: Pererenan.

No need to rush

When, two years ago we stumbled on a small piece of land for sale here, we decided to take the leap.

Several months later, after working out the architectural plans, we found a builder:

To my left, the builder Wayan Soma Ariana

By early March, 2019 we moved in, and in June we opened to the public.

We feel very grateful to be able to offer accommodations in this locale. We are hopeful that development will be controlled enough to keep the spirit of neighborhood friendliness alive. The sounds of birds in the morning, saying pagi (hello) to the rice field farmers during morning walks, enjoying the sounds of crashing waves on uncrowded beaches. Yet having easy access to busier areas like Canggu and Berawa. All of these things make Pererenan a special place.

Come check it out!

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