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Another Daily Walk Option

We can take the same trail as mentioned before, but this time heading left as we pass the stream, instead of right.

If we are lucky we may see cattle egrets following a rice farmer around as he tills the soil.

And we will see mellow cows as they await their grass meals from the cow farmer / rancher / stockman / grazier each day.

It wont be long before we arrive at Babadan Beach, a quiet spot with typically a few people wandering around. Sometimes there might be a crowd of kids taking a karate class but that’s rare.

If you don’t mind getting your feet sandy we can walk to the left (East) and go to Pererenan beach, taking the road back to Ohana Retreat Bali. On the way back we can make a stop at the always tasty Monsieur Spoon for breakfast.

Babadan Beach

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