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A lovely holiday season

While November was as slow as molasses, December was quite hectic, at least for the final week.

We had people from Canada, Sweden (two families — who didn’t know one another), Australia, America and Germany.

A lovely holiday season 2
We arranged for plenty of scooter rentals
A lovely holiday season 3
A popular spot, the floating bed helps keep things in perspective
A lovely holiday season 4
Even on cloudy days, the pool gets some action.

We spread the word that on New Year’s eve we were going to make an Indonesian meal, and two families took us up on the invite.

A lovely holiday season 5
Chicken sate
A lovely holiday season 6
Rice ( of course), soup (to spread over rice), eggplant, potato, onion rings, martabak (a beef & egg “pancake”), and peanut sauce for the chicken sate. All for the hard-to-beat price of 50,000 rupiah per person.

After dinner we went to the rooftop bar and had champagne, brought specially for the occasion by one of our guests.

I supplied a couple of fireworks and the entire neighborhood was crackling with lights, sounds and the excitement of welcoming in the new year and a new decade.

H A P P Y New Year to all

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