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The beauty of Bali’s rainy season

Sometimes it seems almost surreal that months can go by in Bali without any rain. The dry season in this tropical part of the world can get seriously rain-free. For a 5 – 7 month period there might be a total of 2 or 3 days of rain.

The beauty of Bali's rainy season 3
Our rooftop arbor after a rain. The grape vines and the markisa plants are happy.

Then the rainy season begins and you can get an inch of rain in an hour, or so it seems. When the rain first comes, after such extended periods of dryness, it is incredibly welcomed.

The plants begin to thrive again and the skies are more clear (when the rain clouds move away). Air quality improves, and all is good with the world.

The beauty of Bali's rainy season 5
During a break in the rain, why not have a swim?

Eventually the thrill of rain transitions to an acceptance that the aquifers are filling, while streams and rivers flow confidently to the sea, and the threat of a drought becomes a silly notion.

With year-round temperatures almost always the same (within a 10 degree range), it might be awfully boring to not have any seasons. But now that’s its rainy we certainly know what season it is, even though there is no swing in temperature from that other season, the dry one.

The beauty of Bali's rainy season 7
This young couple rushed back to the floating bed so soon after the rain ended, you can still see a wet spot on the bed

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