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In Bali you need a fix-it guy

For new expats or for those who plan to live in Bali for at least 1/2 a year, you are hereby warned that the things in your dwelling will break… frequently.

The reason is that appliances and fixtures from outside of Indonesia are subject to import taxes, and if they’re in the luxury category, its a 40% tax. So unless you are hemorrhaging money there’s a good chance you will buy Indonesian-made products.

At first you will think its a great deal. But within 2 years if you have to replace it, then some quick long-term math will make it clear that in the end, its more expensive to buy cheap products repeatedly.

The solution? A fixit guy. Meet Jojo:

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After cleaning an air conditioning unit

What can Jojo do? Pretty much anything. And if he can’t then one of his friends can. Have a broken pool pump? Ok then start with the cheapest fix, and work up from there. Your laundry machine broken? First remove the dust (most obvious and cheapest solution). Perhaps replace the bearings if the roller is too noisy. That should do it. The idea of “throwing it away” is wasteful and too costly.

Have an old scooter than cant be registered anymore? Have your friend make a custom license plate for you. It may not have the official stamp on the plate but the traffic police are too busy to stop you.

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Looks official enough lol

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