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A funky cafe just steps from Pererenan Beach

Bali has been subject to tsunami-style waves of change for a very long time. You would think that the Balinese would be overwhelmed, but remarkably, they absorb the best parts of the changing landscape, keeping their own culture pretty well intact.

Here in our little corner of the island is Pererenan Beach. Cafes and restaurants and shops are slowly appearing as you travel south from Raya Canggu Road. At the very bottom of Pantai Pererenan Road, on the edge of the beach is:

A funky cafe just steps from Pererenan Beach 2
The brand new Coffee & Surf cafe by Nyoman Bagus

However, not far from the beach and the small surfing crowd the farmers still tend to their rice fields or their cows as if a foreigner never set foot on the island:

A funky cafe just steps from Pererenan Beach 3
Keeping the cows well fed is a full time job

As I already mentioned, 2019 and 2020 were and are transformational years for this beach community. We are far from being overwhelmed but it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious. To allow change to affect us without altering the casual atmosphere, the lives of the locals, or the larger Balinese culture adversely.

Hati-hati (means careful in Bahasa Indonesia).

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