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Pererenan Beach still draws the crowds on Sundays

It’s always a welcome sight to see the locals enjoying their Sundays at the beach.

As you can see from the above photo, the contrast between Sunday evening and Monday morning is extreme. In fact, after sunset the crowds start to fade and the beach starts to return to its normal state, which is typically pretty empty.

Vendors line up along the walkway and are happy to see the crowds

The ability to be free from work and be with your family in such a spacious setting is a joy, and since many Indonesians have 6-day work weeks, Sunday becomes family day. All you need is a scooter and a bit of cash, while the vendors supply the food and drink.

Fortunately the locals are not a party crowd. There’s no loud beer drinking groups or hardcore beach parties. It’s all about enjoying the moment with family or friends or both.

Sunset light doesn’t get old, although the Sun itself is actually a real geezer at 4.6 billions years

If you make your way to Pererenan on a Sunday, don’t forget to visit the beach and grab some grilled corn on the cob. Chewing your corn and watching the sun go down is a commendable way to end your day. It’s about as close to living the local life as you can get without trespassing onto a Balinese village.

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