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Jessi & Daniel

Jessi & Daniel joined us on March 15 and they are planning to stay with us throughout this very unprecedented situation of the coronavirus. Being German they have had the option of flying back to Germany on special outbound flights. But there’s one problem: its been almost 5 years since they left Germany.

You see, Jessi & Daniel are world travelers. They’ve been to 29 countries in almost 5 years of non-stop travel. That should say something about the two of them: it could be 100 or more countries for people who need to make lists, but Jessi & Daniel go where they want, when they want (except during the coronavirus pandemic) and don’t worry about how many countries they tick off their list.

On their 6th wedding anniversary, here at Ohana Retreat Bali

If you need some information about us and thoughts about Bali, here you go:
– we have been traveling around the world since 18.08.2015
– everything we have on this planet is in 2 rollable backpacks and 2 small camera backpacks = right now a very minimalistic lifestyle
– so far we have visited 29 countries
– we’ve been 6 times to Bali
– we love Bali, especially the less crowded places around Canggu and Ubud (that’s also one reason why we love Ohana and Pererenan)
– we’ve explored the Island many times and stayed in places in Canggu, Ubud, the North (close to Lovina), the “Bukit Peninsula”, Jimbaran etc
– we like Bali because of the very special vibe (we haven’t found this vibe in other places all around the world), the amazing people and good (vegan) food. It’s a positive vibe, especially around the “tourist places” (we do not really like Seminyak and Kuta)
– maybe we will build a homebase on Bali in the future, because we want to realize some projects here (but in the future our main homebase will be in Thailand, or maybe 6 months in Thailand on Koh Samui and 6 Months Bali)
– while we love Bali and can recommend it, people must travel and explore on their own, because not every place is the perfect fit = discover and explore the island and find “your place to be”
– we found “our places to be” around Ubud, on the Bukit Peninsula (here we loved Adila Bali and the owners became friends of us) and around Canggu (again a point why we love Ohana)
– we have friends on the whole Island: many Locals (because we lived at their places), but also Expats (doing business here, as an example in building amazing places) and people from Germany and around the world, who moved here… That’s why we feel at home when we are on Bali!

If you like, you can learn more about the incredible journey of Jessi & Daniel here:

And here is their testimonial:

…this is a great headline for our Ohana Retreat Bali Review.

We are traveling around the world since August 2015.
But this year, while visiting Bali, we were stopped by the Corona Pandemic.

At Ohana Retreat we found a great place to stay, while this crazy situation.

What should we say to describe this great place appropriately?
“WOW” is probably exactly what fits 100% and what can describe our feelings here at Ohana!

All Locals and Bali Tourists are advised to stay at home during Corona. Normally a really bad situation, but not if you stay at Ohana Retreat. 😉

We have no problem with that, because with the fast wifi connection, we can work online without any problems and also watching some Netflix at the end of the day, is not a problem.
We enjoy our breakfast every morning on the great roof terrace with a nice breeze and in the evening the uniquely beautiful sunsets.
We spend our lunch break at the beautiful and large pool and otherwise we like to play with the dog (Twinkie the Spitz), who is perhaps the cutest dog on planet earth! 🙂

Also Shelly & Neill, the owner couple of Ohana Retreat, are amazing and kind persons.

So over all, we have a really great time at Ohana Retreat Bali – our home, far away from home, with an amazing pool area, great rooftop, nice outdoor kitchen and huge rooms (we are staying at one of the 4 Loft Rooms and today we extended our booking for 1 more month).

Thank you Neill, Shelly & Twinkie!

All the best,
Daniel and Jessi

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