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New shortcut between Pererenan and Canggu opening soon

After two quick months of fundraising among local, foreign-owned businesses and with the assistance and land donation of the Balinese, our group of about 30 businesses and local leaders were able to do a first in this part of Bali: self-fund a shortcut road between Pererenan and Canggu.

Sweeping up before the final coat of concrete is applied to the bridge

A meeting a few months back at BaliProd led to the formation of a Whatsapp group, where decisions were made and donations tracked. Within perhaps 2 weeks of chatting on Whatsapp, work had begun even without 90% of the funds. But the Balinese believed in us and slowly but surely the donations flowed in.

Facing Pererenan
Facing Canggu

The entire road is only about 150 meters but it will save about 1/2 the time it normally takes to get to the more popular Echo Beach and Canggu hotspots.

About 25 meters to Jl Pantai Batu Mejan
New shortcut outlined in red

Starting on May 7th, after a Balinese ceremony for the shortcut, it will be opened for the public. No cars allowed.

To get to the shortcut from Pantai Pererenan drive down Jl. Dalem Lingsir and then bear left after passing the horse stables. Follow the red brick road down the hill (bear left on the wide road) and it will narrow to the bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the shortcut to Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan.


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