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New shortcut between Pererenan and Canggu – Now Open

It did not take long for the Pererenan community, with the help of the local Balinese, to create a shortcut road between the southern part of Pererenan and Canggu.

It took money, but most importantly it was the spirit of cooperation that got it done. And while I might be a bit biased, it turned out beautifully.

A priest makes the necessary offerings and prayers while the local Balinese drink coffee, tea, eat cakes and socialize.

After the shortcut was properly blessed, volunteers arrived in the afternoon to clean up the road leading to the shortcut bridge. Around 25 people showed up to sweep, wash, and carry extra road bricks and debris away from the road, in the hot sun.

Just about finished. Facing Pererenan, as is clear from the sign.

And so with a sense of accomplishment filling the air, a bbq was a most fitting way to celebrate the auspicious occasion.

Social distancing protocol was abandoned just for the quick group photo

There was music, plenty of food and drink, and an atmosphere of brother and sisterhood.

We are ready to welcome visitors to what we believe is a special community of business owners, as well as the always friendly and cooperative Balinese. Please be respectful when coming and going through our community. We are here to make your visit a pleasant one.


To get to the shortcut from Pantai Pererenan drive down Jl. Dalem Lingsir and then bear left after passing the horse stables. Follow the red brick road down the hill (bear left on the wide road) and it will narrow to the bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the shortcut to Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan.

Shortcut outlined in red

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