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The circle widens

It’s not a circle exactly, its much more like a rectangle. But saying the rectangle widens may throw you off. I’ve basically expanded my walking area and am sharing it with those who may be interested in this (most lovely) part of Pererenan.

In the map above, if you click on the two red dots near the top of the map you will see, Narrow trail and Wide road. By starting at Ohana Retreat Bali, you make a right onto Pantai Pererenan and then a left onto Jl Dalem Penataran. Then head to the dot on the map called Second bridge. From there you’ll cross the bridge, go up a small hill, and then before you get to the Mountain view pin, make a right. Go all the way and make a left onto the Wide road. Then head home down the main road, Jl Babadan (make a left). Before you get to the red pin called Jalan Babadan on my map, make a left onto a wide, red brick road. You will pass a temple on the left and then wind down a small hill. At the base of the hill you will see a walking bridge. Cross it and head up a small hill until you get to Pantai Pererenan road. Our hotel is right there.

A beautiful sunny day along the walking trail

The total walk is 4.3 km or 2.7 miles. It took me just over an hour.

Getting ready to work the fields

There are many reasons people come to Bali. Walking along quiet roads, crossing small bridges by foot, strolling down a dirt trail between rice fields — these are typically not among the top reasons to visit (to be fair #8 is the rice paddies of Ubud). Yet I find the off the-beaten-path options are the best. Since I’m a daily walker, the farmers recognize me when I say hello and walk by. They either wave or honk on their scooters when passing by.

For me, its my little corner of paradise. Come join me.

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