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Kite season 2020

The above photo is from a kite that fell from the sky, onto our property, just a few days ago. We would have been happy to return the kite, but no one has claimed it. So now the kite will decorate one of our parking garage walls.

This time of year the winds blow and for about two months the tropical heat is so much more manageable. The air is clear and the skies are filled with billowing clouds. Bali is a paradise during these precious days.

A year ago there was a local kite competition on Pererenan Beach. It was exciting to see the teams and the assortment of kite styles:

It’s sad that social gatherings like kite competitions have to be cancelled because of the virus. We have to hope that by next summer we will again have crowds on the beach and dozens of kites in the air.

Until next year!

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