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The Coconut Lady

From the above image it’s not entirely clear what is going on. There’s no signage but there is obviously a cage filled with coconuts.

To a local I’m sure no sign is necessary. This shop is for buying coconuts and/or coconut drinks. That’s it!

The Coconut Lady 2
The friendly coconut lady

The coconut lady has a big blue bucket for ice, another small bucket for liquid sugar (although you don’t need it), as well as a machine for sealing plastic covers onto plastic cups for to-go orders.

If you want to sit she also has a tables and benches.

For 10,000 rupiah ($.70 USD) you can have her cut your coconut for you, and when you get home you can use a couple of tools to:

The Coconut Lady 3
A hole maker
  1. dig a hole in your coconut.
  2. and then use a sharp knife to crack it open for the coconut flesh:
The Coconut Lady 4
Yummy coconut flesh

Then all you need is a spoon to scoop out the flesh and add it to your coconut water.

That’s it!

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