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First Rooftop Event — Tune In: Story & Sound

One of our guests, Jennifer Capo, who has stayed at Ohana Retreat Bali several times, created a special event on our rooftop. She invited local artists, musicians, storytellers, and even an astrologer. It started out simple enough: we moved cushions from various places onto the rooftop:

A beginning
Well organized, and executed with aplomb

The event started at 6pm. An unusual electronic cello made for some beautiful, ethereal sounds:


After sunset the mood was relaxed. Everyone was ready for a story. Jamin Heppell talked about his charity run from Lovina to Seminyak in Bali: 90 kilometers! Previously his personal best was 56 km. He was able to raise over $10,400 USD for the children of Bali:

A captivating talk by Jamin

Two musicians who have never met before, but both originally from Brazil, decided to connect both musically and otherwise, and the audience appreciated every moment:

Percussion, cello and movement under the stars

All in all it was a lovely event, as the two hours flew right by.

When we first built Ohana we wondered what would take place on our roofs. We have a rooftop bar that has also been used as an outdoor office for the digital nomad crowd. But our event / yoga / small wedding space is still evolving. This event was the perfect launch.

Thanks Jennifer!

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