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Trying Traditional Medicine

I had an accident that was too ridiculous to describe in detail. Let’s just say I was on my way to adding a few tiny fish to our koi pond and ended up in it temporarily.

I had a nice but small gash below my left knee, and then Shelly went looking for stitch bandaids, but of course there’s none for sale in Bali, even at upstanding pharmacies such as The Guardian. Anyway, this is what a stitch bandaid looks like:

Trying Traditional Medicine 2

If I were to go to a clinic I’d probably get a real stitch or two instead of the stitch bandaid, since clinics are for-profit enterprises.

Our housekeeper said she has had luck using ground coffee. Huh? I decided to give it a try and the grounds soaked up the blood readily enough. After a couple of small leaks the grounds sealed the cut completely. Once dry it feels a bit like a real scab, crusty and hard rather than grainy, as the blood soaked into the coffee grounds and it all fused together.


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