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Airside Restaurant Takes Flight

There’s a new restaurant in Pererenan and it raises the bar for style and taste. Airside is owned by a Japanese woman (Satchi) and her Balinese husband. So trying their Japanese or Indonesian dishes is a sure thing.

The bamboo architecture is jaw-droppingly cool. And the rice field views from their deck are not too shabby either.

Airside Restaurant Takes Flight 2
Every Saturday night there is live entertainment

The sushi is the best I’ve had in Bali. The sliced mango on top seems sculpted with a razor blade: so clean and precise. Making great sushi is not for slackers.

Airside Restaurant Takes Flight 3
Shelly and her nephew Sydnei enjoying the early evening atmosphere.

I am always impressed with entrepreneurs. They drive society forward while followers hide behind in their comfort chairs, waiting for the risk to clear. The reality is that nothing is certain.

My hat is off to Satchi and her husband for being bold! You will be generously rewarded!

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