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Getting serious about grapes

About 15 months ago we began an experiment for 1 of our 2 roofs. We built a metal arbor and started to plant a local variety of grapes, in order to create a shaded space for weddings or group gatherings.

Around 9 months ago we started to see our local grapes growing on the vine. But over time we discovered that the vines were only partially successful at creating shade. About 80% of the roof is still too sunny for mid-day activities.

And, unfortunately, the local grapes are tiny and consequently not so juicy.

We did our homework and learned how we can import bigger, fatter grapes and decided that while rooftop shade for our guests is still on our to-do list, we want to treat our guests to yummy grape juice and bunches of grapes too. Why not?

We are setting up grape vines, not only the roof, but in our backyard too. Maybe we’re going crazy? It’s hard to tell. But when there’s no guests we must keep ourselves busy, and so grapes have become our safe haven.

Grape-growing bags and a supporting structure for heavy bunches of future grapes

In addition to the grape project we snuck in some veggies, hoping that the grape vines wouldn’t mind.

Come check it out!

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