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My favorite farmer and other news

As some of you may know by now, there are great walking trails as well as quiet roads around Pererenan. I’ve documented my walks here, here, and here.

Over time I have encountered many fellow walkers, as well as the local rice and cow farmers. I tend to wave and say Pagi (morning) and continue along.

My favorite farmer is in the photo above. He gets on his knees and cuts the grass surrounding the rice fields in order to gather food for his cows. Many times a day. Every day.

He always says hello, even when he is busy cutting, loading or transporting his cut grass to his cows. He has a severe limp but he still does his job and seems genuinely happy to be alive.

Progress continues with our grape project. We have removed the plants from the rooftop bar area and will replace them with grape vines.

It’s lots of work but the results should be awesome. Imagine relaxing on the rooftop bar and harvesting some grapes while enjoying the sunset. Not bad, eh?

We also are trying to avoid going stir crazy, as we are without guests during this strange time. Nevertheless, I feel more for the Balinese people than I do for myself. I’m pretty sure I can survive, and while I know that the Balinese have incredibly strong social networks, I know they are struggling.

Once in a while we go out and try to lighten our load by enjoying some music, in small and safe gatherings outdoors, while having our dinner.

Hard to believe but not only were we treated to Bob Dylan, we were visited by the ghost of Michael Jackson:

I still have high hopes for the future of Bali and for the future of humanity. We will get past this pandemic and will be stronger for it. It’s hard to see now but as an entrepreneur I have faith in the power of invention and the will to solve extremely difficult problems.

Early morning light at Ohana Retreat Bali

To my readers: stay healthy, stay positive. And please be grateful for what you have.



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