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While it is true that we currently do not have any guests, and also true that we are deep into this crazy pandemic, you may ask yourself, “Why we are investing more money into Ohana?” The answer is simple. We love Ohana and we also believe that you, dear guests, will continue to travel and support small and unique places like ours — when the time is right 🙂

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Out with the limp and frail

When we first built Ohana we trusted the Balinese gardener and our builder to landscape with plants that will mature and improve over time. I never built planter boxes before that hang off of a building, so I decided to install water lines, which were essentially PVC pipes with drilled holes in them. But they proved to be faulty, as too much water dispersed near the water source, and not enough further away.

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Figuring out the correct planting pattern

We switched to a new set of plants that are more hardy and will hopefully add beauty and resilience to Ohana.

For the rooftop bar, we decided to build a second arbor, this time more intimate than the one on the upper roof. With one planter pot in each corner we will grow grapes that can be reached by any adult. So when you come to view the sunset on the roof, you can enjoy a snack!

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Final touchup paint
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Ready to go buy the planter pots.

We will have two sources of grapes on the rooftop bar. One lower source that will grow along the railings, and the other along the small arbor. Hopefully the vines will offer some shade as well as a healthy snack.

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