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The Pizzas, in Pererenan

Christopher (real name: Cristoforo) was born in Italy and he’s been making pizzas professionally for 17 years. After stints at Da Maria and Luigi’s, he knows how Bali works and has set out to build his own pizza empire, starting in our very own neighborhood!

The Pizzas, in Pererenan 2
Christopher at the helm.

On my first visit I had a delicious eggplant panini. The eggplant was soft and flavorful and the panini bread was made with pizza dough, cooked to perfection.

On my second visit I brought Shelly. I had a pizza with spicy pepperoni and onions, while Shelly had pasta bolognaise.

The Pizzas, in Pererenan 3
Shelly’s getting ready for some deliciousness

The pasta for Shelly’s dish was just the right consistency, while the sauce was plentiful and super yummy. The portion was bigger than it looks in the photo, which is very generous. What do you expect? Christopher is a true Italian and small portions are illegal lol.

The Pizzas, in Pererenan 4
Hungry yet?

My pizza was cooked just the way I like it, which is well cooked but not burnt. The pepperoni was quite spicy but not overwhelmingly so. The sauce was top notch, while the onions rounded out the pizza, adding to its already excellent flavors.

At The Pizzas there is only one pizza size at the moment, but it’s big enough for two not very hungry people. For a solo performance, you may need to take home a couple of slices for tomorrow’s lunch..

If you like pizza and pasta and a few other goodies do yourself a favor and give The Pizzas a try.

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