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Singa Burger Bar

It is not entirely uncommon for an entrepreneur to start a business outside his comfort zone. Sammy, the owner of Monsieur Spoon in Pererenan, decided to go bold and adopt the American hamburger. He’s placed his burger bar next to his French cafe (which is more amenable to his tastes, as he’s from France), but Sammy is nothing if not thorough. Working with an American restaurant owner he was able to create a very tasty Big Mac, as well as other famous burgers. His french fries are yummy too. And there’s even draft beer!

Singa Burger Bar 2
Simple yet effective design

So if you’re in the mood for some quality fast food, stop by and grab yourself a burger, some fries, and a drink. For dessert you can go next door and give yourself a French treat such as an ├ęclair or macaroon (originally Italian, but brought to France in 1533 by Italian monks).


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