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Making it cozy

Our loft guest Milos has his own ideas about interior design. And we’re OK with that. If a monthly guest wants to add his or her own touch in order to make the place feel like its theirs, it’s all good.

As you can tell, Milos likes plants. Here’s some more:

And Milos added a little end table too

Upstairs he’s turned a bedroom-type space into the perfect relaxed hang-out space:


Here Milos moved the two single beds and placed them against the walls. He brought in a rattan type coffee table and his own throw rug. A couple of sarongs to lay on top of the beds and it’s a transformed space.

Milos is from England and he’s been in Bali for less than a year. As with many long-term residents of Bali he makes his money remotely. He has a restaurant in England (which is doing take-out only meals due to covid-19) and does some investing, bitcoin and otherwise.

When he’s not eating papaya or surfing he’s chilling out here at Ohana Retreat Bali.

Not a bad life, eh?

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