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Taco Swell

Are you in the mood for a funky, out-of-the-way place with homemade Mexican food, a chill vibe, and views of the ocean? If so then here’s what to do. Driving down Pantai Pererenan as if youre going to the beach, pass Monsieur Spoon (on the right) and then slow down. Go about 50 meters or so until you see a small sign for Taco Swell (on your left). If you reach Boheme you’ve gone too far.

Go down the small road and park at the first house. Then go through their “garage” and up the stairs to the roof. There you will find a cool American dude who owns the place and will be happy to serve you. The vibes are extra friendly, the language is English, and the atmosphere is living-room relax-ish.

Mellow ocean view

The menu is pretty straight-forward: tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. Friday nights are bbq nights. There’s also chicken pot pies for the British crowd.

Taco Swell is the type of place to unwind and chat with the locals. That means local expats and long-termers.

Early evening at Taco Swell

Stop by if what you’re looking for is a hidden gem of casualness in up-and-coming Pererenan.

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