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Grapes, Grapes etc

Happy belated New Year to our readers and guests. 2020 was a struggle, to say the least, and now that the covid-19 vaccine is starting to roll out there is hope that travel can begin again once enough people are vaccinated.

In the meantime we have some guests that have been in Bali for a long time, as new entrants are restricted. One fellow runs a restaurant in London but it’s now a take-out place run by his partner. Another guest is an actress from the USA who’s riding out the pandemic away from the crowds (although she just received an offer for a job in Thailand). A guest from Paris who left yesterday was here to visit her son, who runs a video production shop and a modeling agency here in Bali.

And then there’s us. Shelly is busy grafting imported grape vines on to our local crop:

Preparing the graft

I’ve been dealing with the excessive amount of rain this season. We’re going to add more waterproofing to the building as we’ve had some leaks.

Overall we see Pererenan growing, and that’s encouraging, as long as our little village doesn’t get too popular. Given the pandemic I’m more hopeful when I see entrepreneurs breaking ground under these circumstances.

May your 2021 be healthy and happy.

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