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New Restaurants Keep Popping Up

There’s a lot to be said for the entrepreneurial spirit. When a normal person zigs, the entrepreneur zags. And so opening a restaurant when hotel occupancy in Bali is 5% of capacity (due to covid-19) kind-of makes sense if you are passionate about your own ideas and beliefs.

The owner of a new tapas place, Perro Flaco, is a special type of entrepreneur: confident in his ability to keep his ships afloat (by ships I mean Pescado and two Burger Bros restaurants) and add adding another feather to his cap.

Author on the left and the handsome owner of Perro Flaco on the right

Tapas and drinks are a nice added feature to the Pererenan suite of food options. A new Lebanese restaurant is on its way. Not long ago an amazing pizza and pasta place was featured here, as well as a lovely French cafe (in November). In December I wrote about new burger and taco places.

Billiards anyone? The simple and bright interior of Perro Flaco works for me

Speaking of new ventures, next to Pescado is a mysterious place that has lots of potential.

In addition, directly across from Pescado will be a new Italian restaurant in a few months.

The moral of the story: you can’t keep this little town down.

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