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Hula & Acme move in on both sides of the Street

Yes Pererenan continues its march forward, as more and more savvy folk realize that this little neighborhood is the next Thing.

And by Thing I mean tourist destination, as well as expat and digital nomad hub. How do I know? Well as I drive up and down main street (Jl. Pantai Pererenan) I see the evidence in front of my eyes. Case in point:

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Acme Roasters & Bakers
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Ready for business

You need a babka or cinnamon bun to get you started? Well you’ve come to the right place. Fresh bread and coffee are prime movers in getting a neighborhood rolling. And these guys are so enthusiastic they built a cafe across the street!

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Not sure what this piece of furniture is doing here but I guarantee in one year it will not be so pristine.

Getting the hipster crowd their avocado toast or smoothie bowl is always a high priority, but I do wish that new cafes would strive for more variety. Given the owners aesthetic towards clean and creative design, I’m hopeful that Hula will break new ground with unique & yummy food offerings.

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An A+ for Style

On the locals front, and just up the road from Hula and Acme, is Sweet Potato. The upstairs is a small restaurant, while the downstairs is a mini market.

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A lively look

Most tourists might choose Hula or Acme, and that’s fine, but I recommend giving Sweet Potato a try too. Their Indonesian food, such as Gado-gado, is excellent. Or try one of their unique offerings, such as a stuffed sweet potato.

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One floor up at Sweet Potato.

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