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Here comes the neighborhood. Pererenan to get 200+ room resort

Situated next to super popular Canggu, Pererenan is the next hot spot in Bali. And while many of us are concerned about overdevelopment, the folks at JHL Group do not seem to be worried about getting too ambitious with their plans.

Fortunately the plans incorporate underground parking, and so our little two-lane road should not be impacted too much. The construction cranes have been busy drilling pilings deep into the ground, to accommodate three levels for guests as well as the underground parking.

Construction sites are always a mess but this one is very professionally run. The workers wear construction hats and the amount of reinforcing they’re doing with their piling machines is incredible. They said it will take three months just to complete the pilings installation.

When you come visit Pererenan in 2 years you should be able to see this:

2 replies on “Here comes the neighborhood. Pererenan to get 200+ room resort”

Overall I believe it will be positive for the neighborhood. It will bring in more restaurants and will raise property values. Will it take customers away from us? Maybe but on the other hand our customers want lots of privacy and so with only 6 rooms we can provide that.

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